Sugar and Salt

Sugar and Salt
A Bilingual Edition of the Love Songs of Bernart de Ventadorn in Occitan and English
Collecting Consort - Dr Nina Nash-Robertson, dir.
The Edwin Mellen Press ISBN 0-7734-8011-0 [CD]
The Edwin Mellen Press ISBN 0-7734-8009-9 [book + CD]


    Illustrations of differing theories of how the songs might have been sung (Set 1)

    Bernart de Ventadorn
  1. 1 P-C 70,43 Can vei la lauzeta mover
    2 P-C 70,42 Can vei la flor, l'erba vert e la folha
    3 P-C 70,24 Lancan folhon bosc e jarric
    4 P-C 70,31 Non es meravelha s'eu chan
    5 P-C 70,12 Be m'an perdut lai enves Ventadorn
  2. Sung English translations (first stanza in Occitan, all stanzas in English) (Set 2)

    Bernart de Ventadorn
  3. 1 P-C 70,36 Pois preyatz me, senhor
    2 P-C 70,17 En cossirer et en esmai
    3 P-C 70,41 Can par la flors josta l vert folh
    4 P-C 70,25 Lancan vei la folha
    5 P-C 70,23 La dousa votz ai auzida
    6 P-C 70,19 Estat ai com om esperdutz ("Goodbye Blues")

Playing time: ??' ??"

Collecting Consort [Nina Nash-Robertson (soprano, harmonium, percussion, dulcimer), Anthony Bittner (baritone), Micah Volz (bass, bowed psalter, finger cymbals), Anne Wakenhut (percussion, celtic harp), Daniel Emery (tenor), Gary Wakenhut (flute, whistle, hammered dulcimer), Ronnie Apter (finger cymbals), Margaret Tubb (soprano), Mark Herman (chords), Jeffry Herman (chords), George Hess (electric guitar)] - Dr Nina Nash-Robertson, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1999 or prior]

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This is a CD to accompany the book:
A Bilingual Edition of the Love Songs of Bernart de Ventadorn in Occitan and English: Sugar and Salt, by Ronnie Apter. All the extant words and melodies of the 12th-century troubadour, with an Introduction, Notes, and Commentary; literal and poetic translations; and an accompanying recording illustrating various theories of how the songs of Bernart de Ventadorn might have sounded, including five English translations sung to reconstructions of the medieval music, and one English translation sung to a modern melody. Singable translations co-translated by Mark Herman. Foreword by Nathaniel Smith. Preface by Burton Raffel. xvii + 307 pp. ISBN 0-7734-8009-9 hardcover ($99.95); ISBN 0-7734-8011-0 CD ($19.95). Volume 17 of the series Studies in Mediaeval Literature (Series ISBN 0-88946-314 X).
Lewiston, New York; Queenston, Ontario; Lampeter, Wales: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1999.
The accompanying recording is available from the Edwin Mellen Press, with the book or separately.

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