The English Dancing Master (1651)

The English Dancing Master (1651)
22 Country Dances du XVIIe siècle,
jouées pour des danseurs d'aujourd'hui, full length & strict tempo
John Wright, Denis Gasser, Janine Rubinlicht, Yvon Guilcher, Dominique Paris
Le Chant du Monde LDZ-74690 (Atelier Danse) [LP]


    John Playford
  1. Hyde Park
  2. Jenny pluck pears
  3. Bobbing Joe
  4. Mayden Lane
  5. Halfe Hannikin
  6. Rufty tufty
  7. The fine companion
  8. Hearts ease
  9. Confesse
  10. The maid peept out at the window

  11. --------------------------
  12. An old man is a bed full of bones
  13. Boate men
  14. Petticoat wag
  15. Grimstock
  16. Stingo
  17. Jack Pudding
  18. Kettle drum
  19. Lulle me beyond thee
  20. Dissembling love
  21. The begger boy
  22. The glory of the west
  23. Parsons farewell

Playing time: 16'11" + 17'04"

John Wright (violin, guimbarde, crwth, voice, diddeling)
Denis Gasser (harpsichord)
Janine Rubinlicht (baroque violin)
Yvon Guilcher (recorders, tin whitsle, 3 hole flute, bodhran)
Dominique Paris (Northumbrian bagpipe)

Recording site and date:
1978, Auditorium Deutsche Bibliothek, Bruxelles (BE)

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