Calefax Reed Ensemble: D. Shostakovitch, A. Brumel, J. Ockeghem, T. ter Doest

D. Shostakovitch, A. Brumel, J. Ockeghem, T. ter Doest
Calefax Reed Ensemble
Canal Grande CG 9321


    Ton Ter Doest: Circusmusiek for Wind Ensemble
  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI
  7. VII

  8. Antoine Brumel, arr. R. Hekkema:
  9. Motet: Languiente miseris
  10. Motet: Nato canunt omnia, prima pars
  11. Motet: Nato canunt omnia, secunda pars

  12. Dmitri Shostakovich, arr. Eduard Wesly: Prelude & Fugues (24) for Piano, Op. 87
  13. No. 1 in C-Major: Prelude (Moderato)
  14. No. 1 in C-Major: Fugue (Moderato)
  15. No. 4 in E-Minor: Prelude (Andante)
  16. No. 4 in E-Minor: Fugue (Adagio. Più mosso)
  17. No. 7 in A-Major: Prelude (Allegro poco moderato)
  18. No. 7 in A-Major: Fugue (Allegretto)
  19. No. 8 in F sharp Minor: Prelude (Allegretto)
  20. No. 8 in F sharp Minor: Fugue (Andante)

  21. Johannes Ockeghem. arr. Lucas van Helsdingen: Missa "Fors seulement"
  22. Kyrie
  23. Gloria
  24. Credo

Playing time: 67' 55"

Performers: Calefax Reed Ensemble [Eduard Wesley (oboe, english horn), Ivar Berix (clarinet), Raaf Hekkema (alto saxophone), Lucas van Helsdingen (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Alban Wesley (bassoon)]

Recording site and date:
Protestant Church, Renswoude, The Netherlands [06/1992]

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Information from owned CD. The Ockeghem mass is only instrumental. The CD cover illustration from "Le plaisir" by Magritte is the most sinister I have ever seen for a CD (The picture of a woman, in a dress spattered with blood, eating what appears to be a live bird). The liners too are quite bizarre with rather aggressive comments such as "Religion is horror and delight. Do you think the war in former Yugoslavia is the last? Do you think you won't use your fly-swatter next summer? Do you think that in buying this CD you are designing your own auditive decorum? Do you think the Big Mac's only purpose is to maintain your metabolisme?". An unorthodox product but very palatable.

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Pierre-F. Roberge