Lawes: Royall Consort Suites

Lawes: The Royall Consort Suites
Purcell Quartet
Chandos Chaconne 0584/5 (2 CDs)

Performers: Catherine Mackintosh, Catherine Weiss (violins), Richard Boothby, Susanna Pell (bass viols), Nigel North, Paul O'Dette (theorbos)

Playing time: 127'

Recording date: November 1994

This recording consists of all ten of Lawes' "Royall Consort Suites" written for the unusual combination of two independent violins, two bass viols which exchange roles back and forth, and two embyronic theorbo parts (named specifically) which are not even as fully notated as a typical Baroque continuo.

The major portion of the length of each suite is occupied by either an opening Fantasia or Pavan. This is followed by a sequence of short lighter dances.

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