The Caged Byrd

The Caged Byrd
Music for voices, viols & harpsichord from a time of persecution, Vol. 2
I Fagiolini - Robert Hollingworth / Concordia / Sophie Yates
Chandos Chaconne 0609


  1. Vigilate
  2. Crowned with flow'rs and lilies
  3. The Tennthe Pavian, Sir William Petre
  4. O quam gloriosum est regnum
  5. Rejoice unto the Lord
  6. Deus, venerunt gentes
  7. Rowland
  8. Why do I use my paper, inke, and penne?
  9. Philippe de Monte: Super flumina Babylonis
  10. Quomodo cantabimus
  11. Walsingham
  12. The noble famous Queen
  13. Domine, tu iurasti
  14. The Queen's Alman
  15. Laudibus in sancis

Playing time: 78'

Recording date: June & August 1996

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