The Complete Music of Henry VIII

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The Complete Music of Henry VIII
Chandos Chaconne 0621


  1. Wherto shuld I expresse (3 voices, 2 pipes & tabors)
  2. Consort XXIII (harp, lute)
  3. Thow that men do call it dotage (voice, recorder, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, sackbut)
  4. Grene growith the holy (voice, 2 recorders, harp, lute)
  5. Consort V (3 recorders)
  6. Withowt dyscord (voice, 2 recorders, 2 viols)
  7. Consort II (virginal)
  8. Helas madam (voice, 3 crumhorns, lute)
  9. Consort XII (curtal, shawm, sackbut)
  10. Alac, alac, what shall I do (3 voices)
  11. Consort XIV (3 recorders)
  12. Pastyme with good companye (3 voices, 3 crumhorns, curtal, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, drum)
  13. The tyme of youthe (3 voices)
  14. Consort IV (3 viols)
  15. Departure is my chef payne (2 voices, recorder, harp, rebec, viol)
  16. Consort XVI (regal)
  17. Lusti yough shuld us ensue (4 voices, organ)
  18. En vray amoure (curtal, 2 shawms, sackbut)
  19. Whoso that wyll for grace sew (voice, lute)
  20. Consort XIII (recorder, harp, lute, rebec)
  21. Adew madam et ma mastres (voice, 3 viols)
  22. Tandernaken (3 recorders)
  23. Alas, what shall I do for love? (voice, 3 viols)
  24. Consort VIII (gittern, harp)
  25. It is to me a ryght gret joy (2 voices, regal)
  26. Consort XV (3 recorders)
  27. O my hart (3 voices, recorder, dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, rebec, drum)
  28. Whoso that wyll all feattes optayne (voice, recorder, harp, lute, rebec)
  29. Gentil prince de renom (3 crumhorns, curtal)
  30. Though sum saith that yough rulyth me (3 voices, harp, rebec)
  31. Consort III (recorder, lute)
  32. If love now reynyd - No. 1 (voice, recorder, harp, lute, rebec)
  33. If love now reynyd - No. 2 (harp, lute, rebec)
  34. Consort XXII (2 shawms, curtal, sackbut)

Performers: Sara Stowe (soprano, keyboards, winds), Jon Banks (harp, dulcimer, sackbut, viol, winds, bass), Matthew Spring (lute, hurdy-gurdy, viol, gittern, winds, alto), Henry Stobart (recorders, bagpipes, pipe & tabor, winds, bass), Sharon Lindo (rebec, recorders, pipe & tabor, curtal, viol, winds), Hugh Wilson (tenor)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: August 1997 & January 1998

Henry VIII (1491-1547) not only actively recruited the best musicians for his court, but was a composer himself. The present pieces are all attributed to him in one manuscript, with track #12 attributed in another manuscript as well.

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