Marini: Affetti musicali

Marini: Affetti musicali
Il Viaggio Musicale
Chandos Chaconne 0660


  1. La Zorzi (sinfonia grave a 3; 2 violins, violone, theorbo, harp, organ)
  2. La Giustiniana (sinfonia a 3; two cornets, sackbut, organ)
  3. La Orlandina (sinfonia solo; violin, violone, theorbo, harp)
  4. La Zoppa (sinfonia allegra a 3; 2 violins, dulcian, theorbo, virginal)
  5. La Gambara (sinfonia a 3; 2 cornets, dulcian theorbo, organ)
  6. La Soranza (aria a 3; 2 violins, violone, dulcian, guitar, virginal)
  7. La Boldiera (aria a 3; 2 violins, theorbo, harp, virginal)
  8. La Marina (canzone a 3; cornet, 2 sackbuts, organ)
  9. La Foscarina (sonata a 3; 2 violins, dulcian, theorbo, organ)
  10. Il Vendramino (balletto overo sinfonia a 3; cornet, violin, dulcian, organ)
  11. La Caotorta (gagliarda a 2; violin, dulcian, guitar, virginal, blocks)
  12. La Candela (sinfonia breve a 2; 2 cornets, dulcian, virginal)
  13. La Vetrestain (corrente a 2; violin, theorbo)
  14. La Ponte (sonata a 2; cornet, dulcian, theorbo, organ)
  15. L'Aguzzona (sonata a 3; 2 violins, dulcian, theorbo, virginal)
  16. L'Albana (sinfonia breve a 2; 2 cornets, theorbo, organ)
  17. Il Monteverde (balletto alemano a 2; violin, dulcian, theorbo, virginal)
  18. La Martinenga (sinfonia a 2; 2 violins, theorbo, harp)
  19. La Bemba (canzone a 2; violin, cornet, harp, virginal)
  20. Il Boncio (brando a 2; violin, violone, cornet, sackbut, dulcian, theorbo, harp, organ)
  21. Il Barizone (brando a 3; 2 violins, dulcian, guitar, virginal, 2 cornets, sackbut, organ)
  22. Il Zontino (balletto a 3; 2 violins, violone, virginal)
  23. La Bocca (sinfonia allegra a 3; cornet, violin, violone, sackbut, theorbo, virginal)
  24. La Cornera (sinfonia a 2; 2 cornets, sackbut, theorbo, organ)
  25. La Gardana (sinfonia solo; violin, virginal)
  26. La Martia (corente a 3; 2 cornets, sackbut, organ, 2 violins, dulcian, theorbo, harp)
  27. La Hiacintina (canzone a 2; violin, sackbut, organ)

Performers: Marie Garnier-Marzullo (cornet), Paco Rubio (cornet), Mauro Morini (sackbut), Ermes Giussani (sackbut), Paolo Tognon (dulcians), Loredana Gintoli (harp), Pietro Prosser (theorbo, guitar), Sabina Colonna Preti (violone, wood blocks), Alessandro Bares (violin), Giuditta Colombo (violin), Pietro Pasquini (organ, virginal)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: April 1999 (Italy)

This program devoted to Biagio Marini (c.1587-1665) is quite welcome as it concentrates on a single publication, and is hopefully to be followed by other similar recordings. Affetti Musicali was published in Venice in 1617, and designated as Marini's Opus 1. His other major instrumental publications are Curiose & Moderne Inventioni - Sonate, symphonie e retornelli (Opus 8, 1629) and Per ogni sorte di strumento musicale diversi generi di sonate, da chiesa e da camera (Opus 22, 1655). Each of these shows a different step in the stylistic evolution of the early violin sonata, although the virtuosic development largely stops with Opus 8. Opus 22 is more a retrospective publication of abstract construction, deemphasizing the virtuoso idiom.

Note that when Marini's year of birth was regarded as 1597, this publication seemed especially precocious.

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