Johnny, Cock thy Beaver

Johnny, Cock thy Beaver
Popular music making in seventeenth-century England
Dufay Collective
Chandos 9446


  1. Playford: Indian Queen / Of noble race was Shinkin
  2. Anon: Daphne
  3. Dowland: My lord Wilobies Welcom Home
  4. Thomas Simpson: Bonny Sweet Robin
  5. Farnaby: Mal sims
  6. Farnaby: Muscadin
  7. Ravenscroft: The Three Ravens
  8. Christopher Simpson: Divisions for two bass viols
  9. Anon: Fortune my Foe
  10. Playford: A Morisco
  11. Anon: Bonny Sweet Robin
  12. Farnaby: A Maske
  13. Farnaby: The Old Spagnoletta
  14. Anon: Jamaica
  15. Playford: Goddesses / Jamaica
  16. Ravenscroft: New Oysters
  17. Playford: The Waits
  18. Playford: Ham House / Half Hannikin
  19. Ravenscroft: Jolly Shepherd
  20. Ravenscroft: A wooing Song of a Yeoman of Kent's Sonne
  21. Playford: Pell Mell
  22. Ravenscroft: Come, follow me
  23. Ravenscroft: Of all the Birds
  24. Anon: The Clothier's Song
  25. Playford: On the cold Ground
    Playford: Glory of the Sun
    Playford: Kettledrum
    Playford: Paul's Wharf
    Playford: Saturday Night and Sunday Morn
    Playford: Johnny, Cock thy Beaver

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: September 1995 (Somerset)

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Todd M. McComb