Brumel Missa Berzerette Savoyenne

Brumel: Missa Berzerette Savoyenne & Motets
Chanticleer - Joseph Jennings
Chanticleer 8805


  1. Josquin: Chanson: Berzerette savoyenne

  2. Missa Berzerette savoyenne
  3. Kyrie
  4. Gloria
  5. Credo
  6. Sanctus
  7. Agnus Dei
  8. Psalm: Laudate Dominum
  9. Motet: Sicut lilium inter spinas
  10. Lamentation: Heth. Cogitavit Dominus
  11. Sequence-Antiphon: Lauda Sion

Performers: Louis Botto, Joseph Jennings, Steven Rickards, Randall Wong (countertenors); Mark Daniel, Neal Rogers, Bruce Sellers (tenors); Howard Bither, Tom Hart (baritones); Tim Gibler, Paul Guttry, Mark Keller (basses)

Playing time: 73'

Recording date: September 1987

This performance is by an all-male chamber choir. All pieces except the first are by Brumel. The motets, etc. are relatively simple in form. These compositions generally show the more traditional facet of Brumel's output.

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Todd M. McComb