Josquin Missa Mater Patris

Josquin: Missa Mater Patris / Agricola: Magnificat & Motets
Chanticleer - Joseph Jennings
Chanticleer 8808


  1. Brumel: Mater Patris et filia
  2. Josquin?: Missa Mater Patris
  3. Agricola: Nobis Sancti Spiritus
  4. Agricola: Regina coeli
  5. Agricola: O crux ave
  6. Josquin: Domine, non secundum peccata nostra
  7. Agricola: Magnificat

Performers: Kenneth Fitch, Joseph Jennings, Foster Sommerlad, Philip Wilder, Kevin Baum, Mark Daniel, Jonathan Goodman, Matthew Thompson, Chad Runyon, Frank Albinder, Eric Alatorre, Tim Gibler

Playing time: 59'

Recording date: October 1990 (Josquin); July 1991 (Agricola)

This performance is by an all-male chamber choir. Although it is attributed to him, serious doubts exist as to whether the Missa Mater Patris is actually by Josquin.

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Todd M. McComb