Senfl: Missa Nisi Dominus and motets

Senfl: Komponist der Reformation
Ensemble Officium - Wilfried Rombach
Christophorus 77226
Christophorus Entrée 0147


  1. Nisi Dominus
  2. Veni Sancte Spiritus

  3. Missa super psalmus Nisi Dominus
  4. Kyrie
  5. Gloria
  6. Credo
  7. Sanctus
  8. Agnus Dei
  9. In pace in idipsum (chant)
    Psalm IV (chant)
  10. Non moriar, sed vivam
  11. Anonymous (Johann Walter?): Gloria
  12. Omnes gentes

Performers: Christine Aumaier, Sibylle Henn, Marion Herbst, Christina Peter, Susanne Schmollinger (soprano); Edzard Burchards, Gerhard Hölzle (contralto); Gerhard Hölzle, Georg Klein, Stefan Mitze, Jörg Rieger, Christof N. Schröder (tenor); Lothar Bauerochse, Fabian Heitsch, Jens-Martin Ludwig (bass)

Playing time: 58'50

Recording date: April 1999

The first recording of this new ensemble focuses on the traditional Josquinian roots of early Reformation music, as exemplified in the Latin psalm-motets and related pieces by Ludwig Senfl. When in 1530 Martin Luther sent Senfl a letter expressing his weariness with living and asking for a setting of In pace in idipsum dormiam, the composer responded with the motet Non moriar, sed vivam!

This recording is titled Works for Martin Luther and the Reformation in its Entrée release.

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Ted Dumitrescu