Minnesang Anthologie

Die Grosse Anthologie (12.-15. Jahrhundert)
Ensemble für frühe Musik - Augsburg / I Ciarlatani / Estampie / Andrea von Ramm
Christophorus CHR 77339 [CDx2]


    This is a compilation of two previous Christophorus releases that contained already excerpts from various Christophorus releases:
  1. Christophorus CHR 77242 [CD] Minnesang (I): Die Blütezeit – The Golden Age – L'Apogée
  2. Christophorus CHR 77271 [CD] Minnesang (II): Die Spätzeit – The Mature Period – L'Époque tardive

Playing time: 57' 29" + 62' 42" = 2h 00' 11"

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Pierre-F. Roberge