The Golden Age of English Music

The Golden Age of English Music
The Deller Consort
Concert Hall Recordings SMS 2467 [LP]
Guilde Internationale du Disque - Concert Hall Recordings SMS 2467 [LP]
Quintessence PMC-7143 [LP]


    William Byrd:
  1. Ave verum
  2. Lullaby, my sweet little baby

  3. Thomas Morley:
  4. My bonny lass she smileth

  5. Robert Parsons:
  6. Pandolpho

  7. John Dowland:
  8. Mrs. White's nothinge

  9. Martin Peerson:
  10. Upon my lap

  11. John Wilbye:
  12. Draw on, sweet night

  13. ----
    Richard Dering
  14. The cryes of London

  15. John Ward:
  16. Out from the vale

  17. John Dowland:
  18. Tarleton's risurectione

  19. Thomas Morley:
  20. Sweet nymph come to thy lover
  21. I go before, my darling

  22. John Wilbye:
  23. Sweet honey-sucking bees

  24. Thomas Weelkes:
  25. The nightingale, the organ of delight

  26. Thomas Tallis:
  27. Salvator mundi

Playing time: 51' 29" app.

Deller Consort [Mary Thomas (soprano), Sally Le Sage (soprano), Alfred Deller (countertenor), Mark Deller (countertenor), Philip Todd (tenor), Maurice Bévan (baritone)] with Desmond Dupré (lute), Gérard Jarry (violone), Micheline Collot (violone), Serge Collot (cello), Michel Vallès (cello), Bratsche, Michel Tournus (cello)

Recording site and date:
Paris, Sudio Sofreson, France [02/1966]

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Comments: Information from owned LP (Quintessence) and Jan Aukes.

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