Alfred Deller chante Purcell

Alfred Deller chante Purcell
Alfred Deller et al.
Classica « Les enregistrements mythiques » No 13 [CD]


    Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

    Henry Purcell (m) / ?Thomas Betterton (t) after a Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
    The Fairy Queen (Z. 629, 1693 version)

  1. Aria (Mystery): I am come to lock all fast (Z. 629/12)
    Prelude and Aria (Secrecy): One charming night (Z. 629/13)
  2. Aria (Juno): Thrice Happy Lovers (Epithalamium) (Z. 629/39bc)
  3. Aria (a Woman): O let me weep (The plaint) (Z. 629/40)
  4. Prelude and Aria (a Chinese woman): Hark how all things in one sound agree (Z. 629/47)

  5. Henry Purcell (m) / John Dryden and Nathaniel Lee (t)
    Oedipus, King of Thebes (Z. 583, ?1692)

  6. Song (from Act III): Music for a while (Z. 583/2)

  7. Henry Purcell (m) / Henry Heveningham (t)
  8. If music be the food of love (Z. 379B, first setting, 1691/92)

  9. Henry Purcell (m) / Abraham Cowley (t)
    Cantata: « If ever I more riches did desire » (Z.544, 1687)

  10. Here let my life (Z. 544/5a)

  11. Henry Purcell (m) / C. Fishburn (t)
    Welcome to all the pleasures (Z. 339, 1683 (Ode on St. Cecilia's Day, 1683))

  12. Here the Deities approve

  13. Henry Purcell (m) / Thomas Betterton (t) (after J Fletcher, P Massinger)
    The Prophetess or the History of Dioclesian (Z. 627, 1690)

  14. Since from my dear Astrea's sight (Z. 627/App2 )

  15. Henry Purcell (m) / Richard Norton (t)
    Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country (Z. 585, 1695/96)

  16. Sweeter than roses (Z. 585/1)

  17. Henry Purcell (m) / Nahum Tate (t), (after Shakespeare)
    The Sicilian Usurper (The History of King Richard the Second) (Z. 581, 1680)

  18. Retir'd from any mortal's sight (Z. 581/1)

  19. Henry Purcell (m) / William Congreve (t)
    The Old Bachelor) (Z. 607, 1693)

  20. Thus to a ripe, consenting maid (Z. 607/10)

  21. Henry Purcell (m) / William Fuller (t)
  22. Now that the sun hath veiled his light (An Evening Hymn on a Ground) (Z. 193)

  23. Henry Purcell (m) / ?Nahum Tate (t)
    Come ye sons of Art, away (Birthday Ode for Queen Mary II) (Z. 323, 1694)

  24. Come ye Sons of Art away (Z. 323, exc.)
    Sound the trumpet, 'til around (Z. 323, exc.)

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Rel.: 2008

Playing time: 56' 14"

Excerpts (from original release)
[1], [3], [7]-[9] Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG 547 [LP, mono] Music of Henry Purcell, Matthew Locke & John Jenkins
[2], [10] HMV C 4044 [78rpm] Epithalamium – Sweeter than roses
[4], [11], [12] HMV C 4247 [78rpm] Henry Purcell: The Fairy Queen - King Richard II - Old Bachelor
[5]-[6] HMV C 3890 [78rpm] Music for a while
[13] HMV C 4144 [78rpm] Purcell – Humfrey
[14] L'Oiseau-Lyre DL 53004 [LP, France, mono, 25cm] Purcell: Come ye sons of art

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This CD was released as as a "bonus" CD with November 2008 edition of Classica.

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