The Play of Daniel & Robert White

Le Jeu de Daniel (XIIe siècle) - Robert White: Lamentations de Jérémie
The Clerkes of Oxenford - David Wulstan, dir.
Calliope 9848 [CD]


    Anon., 12-13th c.:
  1. The Play of Daniel

  2. Robert White:
  3. Lamentation de Jérémie à cinq voix

[1] The Clerkes of Oxenford
Alison Stamp (narrator, second Angel), James Stockley (narrator), Christopher Hodges (Balthazar), Robin Barda (satrap = governor), Richard Price (satrap = governor), Helen Dixon (Queen), Nigel Nixon (man # 1), Frederic Goodwin (man # 2), Michael Smedley (man # 3), Marcus Creed (Daniel), Roger Phillipson (Darius), Joseph Polglase (counsellor # 1), John Bain (counsellor # 2), David Wulstan (messenger # 1), David Watson (messenger #2), Peter Hayward (jealous counsellor # 1), Michael Hartley (jealous counsellor # 2), Giles Dawson (Habacuc), Mary King (first Angel), Chorus of Dignitaries (Sally Dunkley, Elizabeth Norman, Theodora Rudge, Suella Darkins, Cnthia Bain, Una Goble, Elizabeth Rees, Peter Herron, Brian Spooner, Andrea Gobble), Peter Walls (rebec), Joan Brickley (rebec), David Hiley (percussion), Simon Thorne (percussion), Sarah Cobbold (percussion), Margaret Rees (flutes with mouthpiece), Frances Trafford-Walker (small harp)
David Wulstan, dir.
[2] The Clerkes of Oxenford
David Wulstan, dir.

Playing time: 73' 45"

Recording site and date:
[1] Oxford, UK [12/1975]
[2] Oxford , UK [1977]

[1] Calliope CAL 1848
[2] Calliope CAL 1622

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 342-182 (October 1988)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 12/3-98 (Jan/Feb 1989)

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