The Sound of Ancient Egypt
Michael Atherton
Celestial Harmonies 13174-2 [CD]


    Michael Atherton, comp.

    Atum (creator sungold)

  1. Song: Keper - Kheperu - Ra (manifestations of Ra are everlasting)
  2. Instrumental piece
  3. Instrumental piece
  4. Instrumental piece
  5. Instrumental piece
  6. Maat (truth, balance, order)

  7. Song: (extract from the hymn to Osiris on the stela of Amenmose)
  8. Instrumental piece
  9. Instrumental piece
  10. Instrumental piece
  11. Instrumental piece
  12. Khet (the physical body)

  13. Song (from Contendings of Horus and Seth (Papyrus Chester Beatty, 1r.))
  14. Instrumental piece
  15. Instrumental piece
  16. Instrumental piece
  17. Shen (eternity)

  18. Instrumental piece
  19. Instrumental piece
  20. Song (extract from thr Great Hymn to Aten in the tomb of Ay)
  21. Instrumental piece

Playing time: 62' 21"

Mina Kanaridis (voice, sistrum crotala, handclaps), Philip South (bendir (frame drum), gaval (frame snare drum), riq (tambourine), udongo (clay pot drums), clapper bells, tar (frame drum), tapan (side drum), bass drum, puk (barrell drum), handclaps), Mary Demovic (spoken voice), Greg Hebblewhite (egyptian trumpet), Maria Campbell (chorus), Angela Shrimpton (chorus), Stephen Clark (chorus), Hasan Shanal (chorus), Michael Atheterton ( rewap (3-string long-lute), boat shaped 7-string harp, trigon (triangular 12-string harp), modified 'ud (oud), auloi (double oboe), arghul (cane clarinet), ocarina (clay vessel flute, nay (4-hole, end blown flute) crotala (small cymbals), pellet bells, sistrum, sinkling (strung pellett bell rattle), voice, handclaps, papyrus)

Recording site and date:
Sydney, Australia (1998 or prior)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Goldberg (#-p.):

Information from owned CD. Composed produced and written by Michael Atherton for the Australian Museum (Sydney, Australia).

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