George Frideric Handel - Messiah

George Frideric Handel - Messiah
Addison, Oberlin, Lloyd, Warfield, Westminster Choir, New York Philarmonic - Leonard Bernstein, cond.
Columbia "Masterworks" M2L 242 (ML 5023 - ML 5024) [LPx2, mono]
Columbia "Masterworks" M2S603 [MS 6038 - MS 6039] [LPx2, stereo]
Philips L 09412/3 [LPx2]
Sony Classics SM2K 60 205 [CDx2]


    George Frideric Handel: Messiah

    LP-1 / CD-1: Christmas

  1. I. Overture
  2. II. Comfort ye, my people
  3. III. Every valley shall be exalted
  4. IV. And the glory of the Lord
  5. V. Thus saith the Lord
  6. VI. But who may abide
  7. VII. And He shall purify
  8. VIII. Behold, a virgin shall conceive
  9. IX. O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion
  10. XII. For unto us a Child is born
  11. XIII. Pastoral Sym
  12. XIVa. There were shepherds
  13. XIVb. And lo! the angel of the Lord came upon them
  14. XV. And the angel said unto them
  15. XVI. And suddenly there was with the angel
  16. XVII. Glory to God
  17. XVIII. Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion
  18. XIX. Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened
  19. XX. He shall feed His flock
  20. XXXIII. Lift up your heads
  21. XL. Why do the nations
  22. XLI. Let us break their bonds asunder
  23. XLII. He that dwelleth in heaven
  24. XLIII. Thou shalt break them
  25. XLIV. Hallelujah!
  26. LP-2 / CD-2: Easter

  27. XXII. Behold the Lamb of God
  28. XXIII. He was despised
  29. XXV. And with His stripes we are healed
  30. XXVI. All we like sheep have gone astray
  31. XXVII. All they that see Him
  32. XXVIII. He trusted in God
  33. XXIX. Thy rebuke hath broken His heart
  34. XXX. Behold, and see if there be any sorrow
  35. XXXI. He was cut off
  36. XLV. I know that my Redeemer liveth
  37. XLVI. Since by man came death
  38. XLVII. Behold, I tell you a mystery
  39. XLVIII. The trumpet shall sound
  40. LIII. Worthy is the Lamb; Blessing and honour, glory and power

Playing time: CD: 69' 27" + 48' 57" = 1h 58' 24"

Performers: Adele Addison (soprano), Russell Oberlin (countetenor), David Lloyd (tenor), William Warfield (baritone), Westminster Choir (John Finley-Williamson, dir), New York Philarmonic - Leonard Bernstein, cond.

Recording site and date:
Columbia, 30th Street Studio, New York City [ December 31, 1956]

[1]-[25] Columbia "Masterworks" ML 5300 [LP, mono] Handel: Christmas Music
[1]-[25] Columbia "Masterworks" MS 6020 [LP, stereo] Handel: Christmas Music
[26]-[39] Columbia "Masterworks" ML 5346 [LP, mono] Handel - Messiah Easter Music
[26]-[39] Columbia "Masterworks" MS 6045 [LP, stereo] Handel - Messiah Easter Music
[3]-[4], [7], [9]-[10], [19]-[20], [25], [25], [38]-[39] Columbia "Masterworks" ML 6328 [LP, mono] Highlights from Handel's Messiah
[3]-[4], [7], [9]-[10], [19]-[20], [25], [35], [38]-[39] Columbia "Masterworks" MS 6928 [LP, stereo] Highlights from Handel's Messiah
[3]-[4], [7], [9]-[10], [19]-[20], [25], [35], [38]-[39] CBS "Masterworks" LMYK 44875 [CD] Handel-Messiah (selections)

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Information from owned CD. I cannot explain why the first CD, previously released as LP, has a duration of more than 69 min., an impossible duration for a single LP. The original issue was released as automatic sequence; this would mean about 60 min. per LP, but doesn't explain the individual "Christmas" reissue (maybe it was truncated).
Very probably the first commercial stereo recording available from Columbia.

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