The Christmas story

The Christmas story - L'histoire de la Nativité - Die Weihnachtsgeschichte
The Waverly Consort - M. Jaffee, dir.
Columbia "Masterwork" M 37 751 [LP]
Columbia "Masterwork" MT 37 751 [Cass.]



    Anon., 11th c., Einsiedeln and Limoges
  1. Procession of the Prophets: Gloriosi et famosi

  2. Anon., 13th c., Paris
  3. Conductus: Vetus abit littera
  4. The Nativity

    Anon., 13th c., Rouen
  5. Scene; The Archangel's announcement to the Shepherds

  6. Anon., 13th c., Paris
  7. Conductus: Ecce mundi gaudium

  8. Anon., 13th c., Rouen
  9. Scene: The Shepherds at Bethlehem

  10. Anon., 15th c., England
  11. Kyrie Eleison

  12. Guillaume Dufay
  13. Gloria ... et in terra pax
  14. The Journey of the Magi

    Anon., 12th c., Beauvais
  15. Conductus: Orientis partibus

  16. Anon., 12th c., Fleury
  17. Scene: The Three Kings
  18. Herod's court

    Anon., 12th c., Italy
  19. Istampitta: Chiominciamento di gioia

  20. Anon., 12th c., Fleury
  21. The Court of King Herod
  22. The Adoration

    Leonel Power
  23. Antiphon: Beata progenies

  24. Anon., 13th c., Rouen
  25. The Adoration of the Kings

  26. Anon., early 14th c., Worcester Fragments
  27. Sanctus
  28. The Slaying of the Innocents

    Anon., 12th c., Fleury
  29. Scene: The Archangel's Warning to Joseph (The Slaughter)

  30. Anon., early 14th c., Worcester Fragments
  31. Agnus Dei
  32. Epilogue

    Anon., ca 1300, Burgos, Spain
  33. Benedicamus Trope: Verbum Patris hodie

  34. Anon.
  35. Hymn of Thanksgiving: Te Deum laudamus

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The Waverly Consort [Kurt Owen Richards, William Sharp, Julianne Baird, Allan Fast, Sally Logemann, Kay Jaffee, Michael Jaffee, Cheryl Bensman, Patrick Romano, Wendy Gillespie] - Michael Jaffee, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1982 or prior]

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