Palestrina – Byrd

Palestrina – Byrd
Columbia History of Music by Ear and Eye, Volume one, part 5 & 6
Choir – Sir Richard Terry, dir.; Rudolf Dolmetsch
Columbia (Great Britain) 5712 [78rpm, 25cm]

Matrix number:
A 9383 / A 9291


    Giovanni da Palestrina: Missa "Papae Marcelli"
  1. Sanctus

  2. William Byrd
  3. Pavane & Galliard: The Earl of Salisbury

[1] Choir (unaccomp.) – Sir Richard Terry, dir.
[2] Rudolf Dolmetsch (virginal)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
This disc appears to have been recorded in 1929 (Dolmetsch on-line website);
Rel.: 1930

Columbia Records (Great-Britain) set 252 [78rpm x8, 25cm] Columbia History of Music by Ear and Eye, Volume I (Period I. To the opening of the seventeenth Century)

Information from owned Volume one.
This recording is a part of a collection edited by Percy Scholes. Each Volume (5 in total) contains eight 10" (78rpm) discs, accompanied by a 50 pages illustrated booklet in an album.

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