La scène et ses miroirs

La scène et ses miroirs
Shakespeare: Hamlet la nuit des Rois
ISBN 2-240-00548-3


    This publication by the Centre national de Pédagogie (France) includes a book (247 pp), 16 slides, a folder and a CD. The CD has 30 tracks mostly excerpts of Hamlet but including few musical excerpts

    Michel Asperghis
    13. Première et deuxième chanson d'Ophélie
    Jean-Jacques Lemaître: La nuit des Rois
    16. (-----)
    17. Le Duc et Viola
    18. Viola et Olivia
    19. Maria
    Anon (from Shakespeare's Hamlet)
    24. How should I your true love know
    25. Tomorrow is St. Valentine's day
    26. And he will not come again
    27. In youth when I did love
    Thomas Morley
    28. O mistress mine
    Anon. (From Shakespeare's Twelfth night, V, 1)
    29. When that I was
    30. I loathe that I did love

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Excerpts from (orginal release):
[13], [16]-[19] unknown [24], [28]-[29] Deller Recordings DR 202 [LP] Shakespeare songs and Consort music
[25]-[27], [30] Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1039 [LP] Popular Tunes in the 17th Century England - The Broadside Band with John Potter (tenor)

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