God sy gelovet

God sy gelovet – God shall be praised
Musik aus dem Kloster Lüne – Music from Lüne Convent
Ensemble Devotio Moderna, Hannover – Ulrike Volkhardt, cond.
Cantate C 58032 [CD]


    Klostereintritt – Admission to the Convent

  1. Procendentem sponsum de thalamo
  2. Nonnenkrönung
  3. Lobpreis – Praise

  4. Cantate domino canticum novum
  5. Ad te domine levavi oculos meos
  6. Revela oculos meos
  7. Si oblitus fuero tui/Super flumina Babylonis
  8. Ibant gaudentes
  9. Leiden – Suffering

  10. In omnibus hiis non peccavit Iob
  11. Si bona suscepimus
  12. Verheißung – Promise

  13. Tribus signis deo dignis
  14. Puer nobis nascitur
  15. Schutz – Protection

  16. Protector noster
  17. Scapulis suis obumrabit tibi dominus
  18. Pastor bonus
  19. Genti peccatrici
  20. Redemit dominus populum suum
  21. Pastor bonus
  22. A facie furoris
  23. Scapulis suis obumrabit tibi dominus
  24. Himmel – Heaven

  25. Locutus est ad me unus de septemn angelis
  26. Audivi vocem in celo

Two Mss. from Benedictine convent at Lüne

Ensemble Devotio Moderna, Hannover
Ulrike Volkhardt, cond.

Playing time: 47' 32"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2008 or prior];
Rel.: 2008 or prior

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 33/1-321 (Sep./Oct. 2009)

Information from Fanfare and Cantate website.
This is the first of six CDs devoted to Lutheran Convents of the Lüneburg Heath area, in northern Germany; the following description is an excerpt from the Cantate web site:

On the Lüneburg Heath there are six women's convent which are still alive as Protestant convents (after the reformation) until today. In their archives respectively, in libraries abroad, there are lots of music manuscripts of the middle ages almost unknown today which are -- in their singularity -- of enormous importance not only for music history but the history of convents in northern Germany in general.
The Hanoverian musician Prof. Ulrike Volkhardt and the music historian Dr. Ulrike Hascher-Burger undertook a first sighting of the musical material in all convents on the Lüneburg Heath. On the basis of scientific recognition they put the medieval music into the context of the « devotio moderna », transcribed and orchestrated the pieces.
Well based in science, current practice and knowledge in mediation of both aspects work here together fruitfully. So for the recordings medieval musical instruments were reconstructed and learned. Selected muscial examples are now, interpreted by the Ensemble devotio moderna, and for the first time made accessible to the public on the label Cantate. Every CD of this series has it's own theme. Besides music devoted to the daily life of the convent, a liturgical high feast is its special focus. The series is accompanied by detailed, illustrated booklets with information on all aspects of this singular musical culture.

The five others CDs are the following:

Loff unde ere – Praise and Glory
Musik aus dem Kloster Medingen – Music from Medingen Convent
Ensemble Devotio Moderna – Ulrike Volkhardt, cond.
Cantate C 58033
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Cantate 58034
Vorlehn uns freden gnediglich – Grant us peace mercifully
Musik aus dem Kloster Walsrode – Music from Walsrode Convent
Ensemble Devotio Moderna – Ulrike Volkhardt
Cantate 58035
Herre unser Herrscher – Lord, our Lorrd
Musik aus dem Kloster Isenhagen – Music from Isenhagen Convent
Ensemble Devotio Moderna – Ulrike Volkhardt
Cantate 58036
Danck unde Loff – Thanks and praises
Musik aus dem Kloster Wienhausen – Music from Wienhausen Convent
Ensemble Devotio Moderna – Ulrike Volkhardt
Cantate 58037

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