Music of the Counterreformation / Music of the Henrys of England

Music of the Counterreformation / Music of the Henrys of England
The Columbia University Collegium Musicum - Alexander Blachly, dir.
Collegium Musicum JE 118 [LP]


    Anon., Ms. St. Gall
  1. Sequentia contra Lutherum (canitur sicut "Victimae Paschali")

  2. Maître Jhan (Nasco)
  3. Te Lutherum danamus

  4. Orlando di Lasso: Missa "Super osculetur me"
  5. Credo

  6. Tomas Luis de Victoria: Missa "Pro Victoria"
  7. Sanctus

  8. ----
    Anon., Musica Brittanica
  9. England be glad !

  10. Christopher Tye
  11. Sit fast

  12. Walter Frye
  13. Myn hertis lust

  14. Leonel Power
  15. Instrumental lesson: Gloria

  16. John Dunstable
  17. Motet for St. Catherine: Salve scema sanctitatis

Playing time: ??' ??"

Performers: The Columbia University Collegium Musicum [Each Collegium Musicum recording consists of 24 to 30 singers and 10 to 15 instrumentalists and may includes as soloists: Constance Cooper (soprano), Josephine Mongiardo (soprano), Imogene Howe (soprano), Louise Basbas (alto, organ), William Zukoff (counter-tenor), William Lyon Lee (tenor), Thomas McNally (tenor), Jerome Epstein (tenor), Alexander Blachly (bass), Robert Croog (bass), Richard Taylor (bass), Cynthia Schwan (recorder), Lawrence Rosenwald (recorder), David Goldstein (recorder), Ben Peck (cornetto, sackbut), Eric Nisula (cornetto, sackbut), Edward Greenstein (cornetto, sackbut), André Smith (cornetto, sackbut), Richard Taruskin (viols), Patricia Weber (shawm), Elizabeth Blachly (percussion)] - Alexander Blachly, dir.

Recording site and date:
(mostly) St. Paul's Chapel of the Columbia University [1975 or prior]

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Information from owned CD copy and LP leaflet. No longer available as an LP.

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