Music of the Renaissance

Music of the Renaissance
Vocal Art Ensemble - Richard Levitt, dir.
Counterpoint/Esoteric 601 [LP, mono]
Counterpoint/Esoteric SD 5601 [LP, stereo]


    Orlando di Lassus:
  1. Mon coeur se recommande a vous
  2. Gallans qui par terre et mer
  3. Je l'aime ben

  4. William Cornyshe:
  5. A robyn

  6. Thomas Weelkes:
  7. Hark ye lovely saints above

  8. Claude Lejeune:
  9. Revecy venir du printans

  10. Josquin Desprez:
  11. Ave Maria

  12. Adriano Banchieri:
  13. Contrapunti bestiale
  14. Nobili spettatori

  15. Johannes Ockeghem:
  16. Fors seulement

  17. Johannes Ockeghem: Missa Fors seulement
  18. Kyrie

  19. Thomas Morley:
  20. I go before my darling
  21. Miraculous love's wounding

  22. John Bennett:
  23. Weep, o mine eyes

  24. Claudio Monteverdi:
  25. Se nel partir da voi

  26. Thomas Vautor:
  27. Mother I will have a husband

Playing time: ??' ??"

Vocal Art Ensemble - Richard Levitt, dir.
Claire Gordon, Jeannine Wagner (sopranos), Doris Preissler (mezzo soprano), Richard Levitt (counter-tenor), Patrick Daugherty, Larry Woolever (tenors), Lloyd Bunnell, Alfred Chan (bass)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1963 or prior]

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Information from Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-playing Records (# 708), MELVYL & Jorge Salazar.

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