Johann Theile (1646-1724): Psalm Motets - Missa - Sonata

Johann Theile: Psalm Motets - Missa
Weser-Renaissance Bremen - Manfred Cordes (Dir.)
CPO 999 489-2


  1. Beatus vir qui timet Dominum, Psalm 111
  2. Missa - Kyrie
  3. Missa - Gloria
  4. Domine ne in furore tuo, Psalm 6
  5. Sonata duplex à 3
  6. Cum invocarem, Psalm 4

Performers: Susanne Rydén, Heidrun Luchterhand (soprano), Ralf Popken (alto), Joseph Cornwell (tenor), Peter Kooij (bass), Veronika Skuplik, Makoto Akazu (violin), Barbara Messmer, Cordula Cordes (viola da gamba), Birgit Bahr (dulcian), Thomas Ihlenfeldt (chitarrone), Margit Schultheiß (organ)

Playing time: 64'21"

Recording date: 28 April, 1996 (Stiftskirche Bassum); CD issued in 1997

Johann Theile was born on July 29, 1646 in Naumburg. He studied law in Leipzig and was active as a singer and a gambist. He also traveled to Weißenfels to study music with Heinrich Schütz and embarked on a musical career thereafter. In ensuing years, Theile taught organists and musicians in Stettin and Lübeck including Hasse and Buxtehude. He was prominent in the development of Northern German culture and worked for some time as the music director of the Dukes of Holstein Gottorf. He is also credited with co-founding and composing for the Hamburg Gänsemarkt Opera. The selections in this CD represent the variety in Theile's writing style. A famous painting in the Museum of Hamburg History (CD cover) is believed to show him in company with his two colleagues, Reinken (who also co-founded the Hamburg Opera) and Buxtehude.

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