Iacobus Regnart (ca. 1540-1599): Marian Motets

Fifteen Marian Motets
MARIALE 1588, Marian Motets for the Innsbruck Court
Weser-Renaissance Bremen - Manfred Cordes (Dir.)
CPO 999 507-2


  1. Alma redemptoris mater à 5: Antiphona Prima B. M. V. (Advent - 2 February)
  2. Omnia exuperant sensum à 5: De Conceptione B.M.V. (8 December)
  3. O quam te memorem à 6: Precatio ad B.M.V.
  4. Ave regina coelorum à 6: Antiphona Secunda B.M.V. (2 February - Holy Week)
  5. Ave Maria à 5: De Annunciatione B.M.V. (25 March)
  6. Stabat mater dolorosa à (5?): In die B.M.V. perdolentis (assigned here to Lent)
  7. Regina coeli laetare à 4: Antiphona Tertia (Easter - Whitsunday)
  8. Recordare virgo mater à 4: De Visitatione B.M.V.: (31 May)
  9. Magnificat anima mea à 8: De Visitatione B.M.V. (31 May)
  10. Salve regina misericordiae à 5: Antiphona Quarta B.M.V. (Whitsuntide - 1. Advent)
  11. Ave regina coelorum à 4: De Assumptione B.M.V. (15 August)
  12. Foelix es sacra virgo à 4: De Nativitate B.M.V. (8 September)
  13. Salve virga lesse à 4: De Assumptione B.M.V. (15 August)
  14. Salve puella gratiae à 6: De Assumptione B.M.V. (15 August)
  15. Me tua mors pie Christe à 5: Oratio ad B.M.V.

Performers: Mona Spägele (soprano), Detlef Bratschke (alto, organ), Martin Post, Harry Geraerts (tenor), Matthias Gerchen (bass), William Dongois (cornetto), Ole K. Anderson, Henning Plumeyer (trombones), Thomas Ihlenfeldt (trombone, chitarrone), Manfred Cordes (trombone, organ)

Playing time: 71'43

Recording date: September, 1996 (Kirchweyhe bei Bremen) for CPO; CD issued in 1997

Iacobus Regnart, a Netherlander, was employed as music director at the Innsbruck court when he published his anthology of Marian motets (either 1588 or 1590). There were originally 23 compositions in his Mariale, 15 are presented in this set of recordings. The Mariale represents the finest achievement of Regnart's sacred output and the composer also appears to have been personally motivated to honour Mary in dedicating these motets. The performance by the Weser-Renaissance was conducted with attention to the musical practices and resources available to Regnart at the time of his employ at Innsbruck.

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