La Rue: Missa Cum jocunditate

La Rue: Missa Cum jocunditate
Visions of Joy / The Chapel of Hieronymus Bosch
Cappella Pratensis - Stratton Bull
Challenge Classics 72710


  1. Plainchant / Anon. (introitus): Salve Sancta Parens
  2. La Rue: Missa Cum jocunditate - Kyrie
  3. La Rue: Missa Cum jocunditate - Gloria
  4. Plainchant (graduale): Benedicta et venerabilis es
  5. Plainchant (alleluia): Ave Maria
  6. Improv. / Anon. (sequence): Verbum bonum et suave (organ)
  7. La Rue: Missa Cum jocunditate - Credo
  8. Improv: O salutaris hostia (organ)
  9. Anon. (offertorium motet): Sub tuum presidium
  10. Plainchant: Prefatio
  11. La Rue: Missa Cum jocunditate - Sanctus
    Anon (elevation motet): O salutaris hostia
  12. Improv: Pater noster (organ)
  13. La Rue: Missa Cum jocunditate - Agnus Dei
  14. Plainchant (communio): Beata viscera
  15. Improv: Cum jocunditate (organ)
  16. La Rue (motet): Gaude Virgo

Performers: Stratton Bull (superius), Andrew Hallock (superius), Pieter De Moor (altus), Lior Leibovici (altus), Olivier Berten (tenor), Peter de Laurentiis (tenor), Lionel Meunier (bassus), Pieter Stas (bassus); Wim Diepenhorst (organ)

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: November 2015 (Belgium); released: 2016

The program is based mostly upon music surviving from the Brotherhood of Our Illustrious Lady in 's-Hertogenbosch, a confraternity of which Bosch was a member directly, and La Rue "externally." Items with slashes are combined from more than one source, whereas parentheses indicate genre (or organ, which sometimes alternates with vocal polyphony).

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