To Drive the Cold Winter Away

To Drive the Cold Winter Away
A Fireside Presentation of Music for Merrymaking down the Ages
(Musica per le Feste dei Poveri e dei Re dal Secolo XII al XVII)
St. George's Canzona – John Sothcott, dir.
CRD 1019 [LP, UK]
Vanguard VSD 71 261 [LP, USA]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 7432 [LP]
Ars Nova VST 6093 [LP]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 7432 [Cassette]
CRD 3319 [CD]
Impressions 95004 [CD]


    1. Entry of the Minstrels and Waits

    Thoinot Arbeau
  1. Branle de l'offical

  2. Piae Cantiones
  3. Pavane - "Good King Wenceslas"
  4. 2. Festivities in the Tavern

    John Playford
  5. The dressed ship

  6. John Playford
  7. Staines Morris / Here we come a wassailing

  8. John Playford
  9. Green Garters

  10. John Playford
  11. Fandango
  12. 3. A Medieval Holiday

    English, 12th century
  13. Edi beo thu

  14. Italian, 14th century
  15. Salterello

  16. French, 13th century
  17. Alle (psallite cum) luya

  18. Alfonso X (Spain, 13th century)
  19. CSM-10: Rosa das rosas

  20. English, 13th century
  21. Ductia

  22. English, 15th century
  23. As I lay

  24. Italy, 14th century
  25. La Manfredina

  26. 4. Festivities at the Manor

    John Sothcott
  27. Fanfare

  28. Trad. tune
  29. All hail to the days (To drive the cold Winter away)

  30. John Dowland
  31. Captain Digorie Piper's galliard

  32. Trad.
  33. I saw three ships

  34. Michael Praetorius
  35. Peasant dances

  36. Trad., London
  37. God rest you merry, gentlemen
  38. 5. "To entertain a King"

    Michael Praetorius
  39. Fire dance (Feuertanz)

  40. Michael Praetorius
  41. Stepping dance (Schreittanz)

  42. Michael Praetorius
  43. Windmills (Die Windmuhle)

  44. Michael Praetorius
  45. Village dance (Dorftanz)

  46. John Dowland
  47. King of Denmark's galliard

  48. Michael Praetorius
  49. Sailor's dance (Schiffertanz)

  50. Michael Praetorius
  51. Fishermen's dance (Tanz der Fischer)

  52. Michael Praetorius
  53. Festive march (Aufmarsch)

Playing time: 24' 51" + 23' 14" = 48' 05"

St. George's Canzona
Ray Attfield (baritone, percussion, bells), Francis Grubb (recorder, gittern, rebecs, medieval fiddle and percussion), John Grubb (citole, gittern, lute and percussion), Derek Harrison (counter-tenor, rebec), Rosemary Harrison (soprano), John Lawes (recorders, crumhorn, percussion), Michael Oxenham (cornetto, recorders, pipe & tabor, crumhorn, curtal, percussion), John Sothcott (recorders, rauschpfeife, citole, rebecs, vielles), Mary Sothcott (soprano), Leila Ward (recorders, crumhorn, shawm), John White (rebec)
John Sothcott, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1974];
Rel.: 1975 (CRD)

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