Gibbons Second Service

Gibbons: Second Service and Anthems
The Choir of New College Oxford - Edward Higginbottom
CRD 3451


  1. Te Deum laudamus (Second Service)
  2. O Lord, in Thy Wrath rebuke me not
  3. Jubilate Deo (Second Service)
  4. Fantasia of foure parts (organ)
  5. O God, the King of Glory
  6. Glorious and powerful God
  7. Magnificat (Second Service)
  8. A Fancy in A re (organ)
  9. Nunc dimittis (Second Service)
  10. Sing unto the Lord
  11. A Fancy for a double Orgaine (organ)
  12. O clap your hands together
  13. See, see the Word is incarnate

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: July 1987

This is a recording by a large choir of men and boys, with organ bass (as scored by Gibbons). There is also a selection of Gibbons' fine organ music.

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Todd M. McComb