Parthenia: Byrd, Bull, Gibbons

By three famous Masters: William Byrd, Dr. John Bull & Orlando Gibbons
Catalina Vicens
Carpe Diem 16298


    William Byrd

  1. Preludium
  2. Pavana Sr. Wm. Petre
  3. Galiardo Sr. Wm. Petre
  4. Preludium
  5. Galiardo Mrs. Mary Brownlow
  6. Pavana The Earle of Salisbury
  7. Galiardo The Earle of Salisbury
  8. Galiardo Secundo The Earle of S.
  9. Dr. John Bull

  10. Preludium
  11. Pavana St. Thomas Wake
  12. Galiardo St. Thomas Wake
  13. Pavana
  14. Galiardo
  15. Galiardo
  16. Galiardo
  17. Orlando Gibbons

  18. Galiardo
  19. Fantazia of foure parts
  20. The Lord of Salisbury his Pavin
  21. Galiardo The Lord of Salisbury
  22. The Queenes Command
  23. Preludium

Performers: Catalina Vicens (virginals, harpsichord), Rebeka Rusò (treble & bass viol)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: January 2013 (Schloss Bad Krozingen)

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Todd M. McComb