Josquin des Préz: Missa Pange Lingua

Josquin des Préz
Missa Pange Lingua
Kammerchor Josquin des Préz – Ludwig Böhme, dir.
Carus 83.345


  1. O virgo virginum
    Filiae Jerusalem
  2. Sit nomen Domini (canon à 10)
  3. Hymn: Pange Lingua

  4. Missa Pange Lingua à 4
  5. Kyrie
  6. Gloria
  7. Credo
  8. Sanctus
  9. Agnus Dei

  11. Hymn: Pange Lingua
  12. Ave nobilissima creatura
    Tibi, Domina gloriosa
  13. Ave virgo sanctissima (canon à 5)
  14. Verbum supernum prodiens
  15. Tu solis qui facis mirabilia

Kammerchor Josquin des Préz
Angelika Mees, Eva Rolle, Christiane Steuber, Katharina Woesner (sopranos); Elke Bauer, Lysann Benndorf, Claudia Hempel (altos); Thomas Mierzwa, Christian Pohlers, Michael Schlesier (tenors); Philipp Goldmann, Thomas Keil, Jürgen Schroeckh (basses);
with: Karten Alber, Tobias Ay, Astrid Buba, Patrick Grahl, Annett Kermes, Sebastian Krause, Joe Roesler;
Ludwig Böhme, intonation & dir.

Playing time: 62' 07"

Recording site and date:
Leipzig [09/2010 & 10/2010];
Rel.: 2010

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 34/5-304 (May/June 2011)

Information from Todd McComb's CD. Track #12 is a contrafactum set to the music of Josquin's famous "Ave Maria." Both canons are of questionable attribution.

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