Rumelant: Minnesang at the Danish Court

Die Tenschen Morder
Classico 335 [CD]
Scandinavian Classics - Membran 220579 [CD]


  1. Die tenschen morder (2 voices, harp, pipe & tabor)
  2. Estampie "Got herre almechtich" (pipe & tabor)
  3. Got herre almechtich (voice, harp)
  4. Alle kvninge, vursten, herren, ritter (voice, pipe)
  5. Got in vier elementen sich erscheynet (pipe & tabor)
  6. Daz Gedeones wollenvlivs (2 voices, pipe)
  7. Der sich so ho gesetzet hat (2 voices, harp, pipe & tabor)
  8. Got in vil hohen vreuden saz (voice, pipe)
  9. Got in vier elementen sich erscheynet (voice harp)
  10. Estampie "Der wisen heyden Cato" (pipe & tabor)
  11. Der kvninc Nabugodonosor (2 voices, harp, triangle)

Performers: Agnethe Christensen (voice), Miriam Andersén (voice, harp), Poul Høxbro (pipe & tabor, double pipe, triangle)

Playing time: 53'

Recording date: 2000

This program consists of minnesang by "Meister Rumelant" at the Danish Court in 1287. Little is known of his life, aside from the details conveyed in his own songs, surviving principally in the Codex Manesse.

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Todd M. McComb