Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque Recorder Music

Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque Recorder Music
The Manhattan Recorder Consort - LaNoue Davenport
Classic Editions CE 1056 [LP]


    Side A
  1. Danse (French, 13th cent.)
    Trotto (English, 14th cent.)
    J'aloie l'autre jor errant (Thibaut de Champagne, Roi de Navarre, 1208-53)

  2. Two motets
  3. Alle, psallite cum luya (late 13th cent.)
    Pucelete / Je languis / Domino (c.1250)

  4. Two basses dances from the "Livre de basses danses de Marie de Bourgogne" (c.1450)
  5. Beaulté
    La Franchoise Nouvelle

  6. Two brawls
  7. Bransle Gai
    Bransle Charlotte

  8. Three instrumental settings
  9. Helogierons nous
    Maudit Soyt
    Instrumentalsatz ohne Titel
  10. Fantasia (Orlando Gibbons, 1583-1625)

  11. Three dances (Claude Gervaise, 16th cent.)
  12. Bransle Gay
    Bransle double
    Side B
  1. Sonata in G major (Jean Baptiste Loeillet, 1653-1738)
  2. Sonata in G major (Johann Friedrich Fasch, 1688-1758)

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Manhattan Recorder Consort - LaNoue Davenport, dir.
Martha Bixler (soprano recorder, harpsichord), Shelley Gruskin (flute, soprano, alto & tenor recorders), Bernard Arnold (alto & tenor recorders), LaNoue Davenport (tenor, alto & bass recorders), Martha Blackman (viola da gamba)

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[1958 or prior]

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