A l'estampida

A l'estampida
Medieval dance music
The Dufay Collective
Continuum CCD 1042
AVIE AV 1515
AVIE AV 0015


    Anon., France, 13th c.
  1. Danse Real

  2. Anon., England, 13th c.
  3. Estampie

  4. Anon., England, 13th c.
  5. Ductia I
    Ductia II
    Ductia III

  6. Anon., France, 13th c.
  7. Estampie Real: La Seste
    Estampie Real: La Quarte
    Estampie Real: La Septime

  8. Anon., England, 14th c., Robertsbridge Codex
  9. Estampie

  10. Anon., Italy, 14th c.
  11. Lamento di Tristano
  12. La Rotta

  13. Anon., Italy, 14th c.
  14. Dança Amorosa / Troto

  15. Anon., Italy, 14th c.
  16. Salterello

  17. Anon., Italy, 14th c.
  18. La Manfredina / La Rotta della Manfredina

  19. Anon., Italy, 14th c.
  20. Salterello

Playing time: 66' 07"

Dufay Collective [Giles Lewin (vielle, rebec, bagpipes, shawm, pipe & tabor), Paul Bevan (whistle, slide trumpet, darbouka, tabor, pipe & tabor), Raphael Mizraki (oud, vielle, bendir, darbouka, tabor, dulcimer, gittern, percussion), Peter Skuce (organ, harp, percussion), William Lyons (flute shawm, recorder, bagpipes, whistle, symphony, bendir, pipe & tabor), Susanna Pell (vielle, percussion)]

Recording site and date:
St. Michael's Church, Blackheath, London, UK [06/1991];
Rel. 1992 (CCD), 2002, 2006 (AV)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 511-145 (february 2004)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 26/6-235 (july/august 2003)
Goldberg (#-p.):

The timing for AVIE release is 61' 09"; this re-release may not be a complete one.

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Pierre-F. Roberge