Early English Christmas Carols

Early English Christmas Carols
Carol Singers of the Indian Hill Music Workshop - Mordecai Bauman & Merlin Merrill
Columbia University Press (No number) [LP]


  1. Blessed may Thou be, sweet Jesus
  2. Good day, Sir Christmas
  3. Now well may we mirth make
  4. Noel, noel, noel! (The salutation of the angel)
  5. Tidings true there be come new
  6. Be merry, be merry
  7. Alma Redemptoris Mater
  8. Nova, nova
  9. Laus, honor, virtus, gloria (A song to sing)
  10. Lullay, my child, and weep no more
  11. Hail, Mary, full of grace
  12. Lullay, lullow

Playing time: ??' ??"

Carol Singers of the Indian Hill Music Workshop (Stockbridge, MA) - Mordecai Bauman, dir. & Merlin Merrill, cond.
Shelley Carleton, Lawrence Fishkind, Clara Freedman, Dorothy Gilbert, James Irsay, Andrea Kaplan, Russell Peck, Paul J. Richter, Lisa Sandow, Phyllis Zuckerman

Recording site and date:
Interlaken Congregational Church, MA [1961 or prior];
Rel. 1961

Carols selected from the collection Early English Christmas Carols, ed. by Rossell Hope Robbins, Columbia University Press, 1961.
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