Visit to the Sepulcher

Visit to the Sepulcher (Visitatio Sepulchri)
An Easter Play from the Twelfth Century
Crown Lighters - Fletcher Collins
Crown Light / Theater Wagon Video (VHS)


  1. Visitatio Sepulchri
  2. Te Deum laudamus

Performers: Alexander Scourby (narrator), Custer LaRue (voice <Mary Magdalene>), Aurelia Crawford (voice <Mary Jacobi>), Sara Wyse-Wenger (voice <Mary Salome>), Brian Holsopple (voice <Archangel>), Lawrence Hoover (voice <Peter>), Curtis Nolley (voice <John>), Jeanne Luther (voice <First Angel>), Cecelia Eller (voice <Second Angel>), Carl Edwards (voice <Christ>); Choirmen of the Washington Cathedral, John S. Allen (director), Fletcher Collins (executive producer)

Playing time: 29'

Recording date: Summer 1979 (Abbey St. Benoit de Fleury)

This play was filmed in period costume on the site of the music's apparent origin. English captioning can be activated.

A remastered version of the 1979 original was released in 2002.

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Todd M. McComb