Tinctoris: Masses

Tinctoris: Missa L'homme armé / Missa Sine nomine
The Clerks' Group - Edward Wickham
Cyprès "Musique en Wallonie" 3608


    Missa L'homme armé à 4
  1. Kyrie
  2. Gloria
  3. Credo
  4. Sanctus
  5. Agnus Dei

  6. Missa Sine nomine No. 1 à 3
  7. Kyrie
  8. Gloria
  9. Credo
  10. Sanctus
  11. Agnus Dei

Performers: Lucy Ballard (alto), William Missin (alto), Tom Raskin (tenor), Matthew Vine (tenor), Robert Rice (baritone), Jonathan Arnold (baritone), Giles Underwood (bass), Robert Macdonald (bass)

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: April & May 1997 (West Wratting, England)

Johannes Tinctoris (c.1435-c.1511) was one of the most important theoretical figures of the early Renaissance, and a fine composer besides.

In addition to his didactic citations, Tinctoris surviving output consists of four masses (the two here, plus two more Sine nomine masses, one incomplete), four motets and nine secular pieces. The Missa L'homme armé includes troped texts.

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