Russell Oberlin - Recital

A Russell Oberlin Recital
Russell Oberlin
Decca "Gold Label Series" DL 10032 [LP, mono]
Decca "Gold Label Series" DL 710032 [LP, Stereo]


  1. The St. Godric Songs

  2. Robert Jones:
  3. Love is a Bable
  4. Ite Caldi Sospiri
  5. As I Lay Lately in a Dream
  6. Goes to Bed Sweet Muze

  7. Henry Purcell:
  8. Hark! The Echoing Air
  9. I Love and I must
  10. Music For a While

  11. ----
    Robert Schumann:
  12. Sängers Trost
  13. Meine Rose
  14. Ihre Stimme
  15. Deine Angesicht

  16. Hugo Wolf:
  17. Auch kleine Dinge können uns entzücken
  18. Ach, im Maien war's
  19. Auf ein altes Bild
  20. Verchswiegene Liebe
  21. Nun Wandre, Maria
  22. Er ist's

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1] Russell Oberlin (countertenor).
[2]-[5] Russell Oberlin (countertenor), Joseph Iadone (lute).
[6]-[8] Russell Oberlin (countertenor), Paul Maynard (harpsichord), Martha Blackman (viola di gamba).
[9]-[18] Russell Oberlin (counter-tenor), Douglas Williams (piano)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1961 or prior]

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Information from owned recordings (Decca LP). A delight; lieders are something between Schwarzkopf and Fischer-Dieskau.

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