William Byrd: Keyboard Music

William Byrd: Keyboard Music
Paul Maynard
Decca DL 710040 [LP stereo]


    William Byrd
  1. Fantasia (organ)
  2. Miserere (organ)
  3. Mr. birds upon a plainesong (organ)
  4. My birds [upon the same plainesong] (organ)
  5. If my complaints, or pypers gal [liard] (harpsichord)
  6. A Fancie (harpsichord)
  7. A pavion of Mr. birde (harpsichord)
  8. The galliard to it (harpsichord)
  9. The carmans whistle (harpsichord)

  10. ----------
  11. A Voluntarie (organ)
  12. Pavana - The Earle of Salisbury (organ)
  13. Galiardo (organ)
  14. Ut.Re.My.Fa.Sol. la (organ)
  15. John come kisse me now (harpsichord)
  16. The second French Coranto (harpsichord)
  17. The tennthe pavian: Mr. W. Peter (harpsichord)
  18. The galliarade to the tennthe pavian (harpsichord)
  19. The bagpipe and the drone (harpsichord)
  20. The flute and the droome (harpsichord)

Playing time: 47 minutes

Performer: Paul Maynard, Organ & Harpsichord

Recording site and date: Unknown

Comment: Information from owned LP.

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