William Walton: Façade

William Walton: Façade
An Entertainment with Poems by Edith Sitwell
Russell Oberlin, Hermione Gingold
Brunswick AXA 4526 [LP, mono, UK] Brunswick SXA 4526 [LP, stereo, UK] MCA MUC 113 [LP, mono, UK] MCA MUCS 113 [LP, stereo, UK] Decca "Gold Label Series" DL 10097 [LP, mono, USA] Decca "Gold Label Series" DL 7 10097 [LP, stereo, USA]


    William Walton: Façade
  1. Fanfare
    I. Hornpipe
    II. En Famille
  2. III. Mariner Man
    IV. Long Steel Grass
  3. V. Through Gilded Trellises
    VI. Tango-Pasodoble
  4. Lullaby for Jumbo
    Black Mrs. Behemoth
  5. X. The Man from a Far Countree
    XI. By the Lake

  6. ----
  7. XII Country Dance
    XIII. Polka
  8. XIV. Four in the Morning
    XV. Something Lies Beyond the Scene
  9. XVI. Valse
    XVII. Jodelling Song
  10. XVIII. Scotch Rhapsody
    XIX. Popular Song
  11. XX. Old Sir Faulk (Fox Trot)
    XXI. Sir Beelzebub

Playing time: ??' ??"

Festival Orchestra of New York
Hermione Gingold (Reciter), Russell Oberlin (reciter), John Solum (flute, piccolo), Theodore Weis (trumpet), Charles Russo (clarinet, bass clarinet), Vincent J. Abato (saxophone), Charles McCracken (cello), Harold Farbermann (percussion)
Thoman Dunn, cond.

Recording site and date:
New York (?) [1964];
Rel.: late 1964 (both Brunswick and Decca);

Reviewed in:

Information from LP (Brunswick), Library of Congress, NSA and Shelley Carda.
On label (Brunswick): "recording first published 1961". No trace of the original recording found.

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