Play of Herod: A Medieval Musical Drama

Play of Herod: A Medieval Musical Drama
A Medieval Musical Drama
As represented at the Cloisters, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
New York Pro Musica - Noah Greenberg, dir.
Decca DXA 187 [2 LP, mono]
Decca DXSA 7 187 [2 LP, stereo]


    I. Herod

    LP-1, side 1
  1. Opening processional
  2. Scene One: Angels & Shepherds
  3. Scene Two: The Three Kings

  4. LP-2, side 1
  5. Scene Three: Herod's Court
  6. Scene Four: Adoration of the Magi

  7. LP-2, side 2
  8. Scene Four: Adoration of the Magi (cont.)
  9. II. The Slaying of the Innocenets: Part II

  10. Alle-, psallite ...
  11. The Massacre Takes Place

  12. LP-1, side 2
  13. The Massacre Takes Place (cont.)

Playing time: 75' 24"

New York Pro Musica
Cast: Ray de Voll (tenor – Archangel), Jan DeGaetani (soprano – First Midwife, First Mother of the children), Elizabeth Humes (soprano – Second Midwife, Second Mother of the children), John Ferrante (counter-tenor – First Shepherd, First Consoler to Rachel), Earnest Murphy (counter-tenor – Second Shepherd, Second Consoler to Rachel), Thomas Norager (counter-tenor – Thirrd Shepherd, Third Consoler to Rachel), George Papps (baritone – First Magi/King, Thirrd Soldier to Herod), Arthur Burrows (baritone – Second Magi/King, Joseph), Robert Kuehn (baritone – Third Magi/King, Second Soldier to Herod), Marvin Hayes (bass – Armiger, the armor bearer), Brayton Lewis (bass – King Herod), Richard Vogt (bass – Archelaus, Herod's son), David Dodds (tenor – First Courtier, Second Scribe, First Soldier to Herod), Paul Solem (tenor – Second Courtier, Fourth Soldier to Herod), Alva Tripp (tenor – First Scribe, Fifth Soldier to Herod), Sheila Schonbrun (soprano – Rachel)
Angel Choir and Holy Innocents: Boys Choir of Church of the Transfiguration, New York (The Little Church Around the Corner): Paul Andersen (boy soprano), Nicholas Bessie (boy soprano), John Bogart (boy soprano), Daniel Carter (boy soprano), Kevin Egan (boy soprano, soloist), Stephen Hartke (boy soprano), John Johnson (boy soprano), David Lampel (boy soprano), Kevin Leftwich (boy soprano), Dirk McDonnell (boy soprano), Levi Robinson (boy soprano), Thomas Sterling (boy soprano)
Stuart Gardner, choirmaster
Musicians: Paul Maynard (bell carillon – Musician to Mary), LaNouve Davenport (recorder – First Musician to the Three Kings), Judith Davidoff (vielle – Second Musician to the Three Kings), Shelley Gruskin (bagpipe – Third Musician to the Three Kings), Frederick King (tenor drum – Musician to Herod),
Noah Greenberg, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [January 1964];
Rel.: 1964

MCA Classics MCAD2 10102 [CDx2] The play of Daniel - The play of Herod

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