Choral Music of the XIIIth to the XVIth Centuries

Choral Music of the XIIIth to the XVIth Centuries - Musique chorale du 13e au 16e siècle
Quartetto Polifonico
Decca LXT 2945 [LP, mono]
London LL 995 [LP, mono]
London 5359 [LP, mono]


    Giovanni Palestrina, arr. Casimiri
  1. Ave de coelis
  2. Hodie Christus natus est
  3. Magnificat quarti toni

  4. Giovanni Palestrina, arr. Terni
  5. Improperia: Popule meus
  6. Hymn for the mass of the Good Friday: Pange, lingua, gloriosi

  7. Anon., transc. P.C. Terni: Laudi
  8. De la crudel morte
  9. Alleluja
  10. Dimmi, dolce Maria
  11. Giù per la mala vita
  12. O cor soave

  13. Tomas Luis de Victoria, arr. Casamiri
  14. Responsory: O vos omnes
  15. Responsory: Tenebrae factae sunt

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Quartetto Polifonico

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Unknown [1955 or prior]

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Information from WERM, suppl. III and Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-Playing Record (# 170, 265).

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