Chefs-d'oeuvre de Henry Purcell

Chefs-d'oeuvre de Henry Purcell
A. Deller, J. Whitworth; K. Ferrier, A ; Choir of St John College, Cambridge - George Guest, choir master; The Academy of Ancient Music, English Chamber Orchestra - Christopher Hogwood, Benjamin Britten, dir.
Decca 443 393-2 [CD]
Decca 443 393-4 [Cass.]


    Henry Purcell: Abdelazer
  1. Rondeau

  2. Henry Purcell: Come, ye sons of art, Z323; text N. Tate
    (Ode on the Birthday of Mary II, 1694)

  3. Sound the trumpet till around (counter-tenors)

  4. Henry Purcell: Silent shades
  5. Mad Bess of Bedlam

  6. Henry Purcell: The Tempest
  7. Arise, ye subterranean winds

  8. Henry Purcell
  9. Music for a while

  10. Henry Purcell: The Fairy Queen
  11. Symphony

  12. Henry Purcell: King Arthur
  13. Fairest isle
  14. What power art thou ?

  15. Henry Purcell
  16. Trumpet tune and air
  17. I was glad when they said unto me
  18. Musique for the funeral of Queen Mary
  19. Sweeter than roses

  20. Henry Purcell: The Fairy Queen
  21. Hark ! hark, the echoing air

  22. Henry Purcell
  23. Chaconne en sol mineur

  24. Henry Purcell: Dido and Aeneas
  25. But death, alas!... When I am in earth... with drooping wings

Playing time: 75' 12"

[1] The Academy of Ancient Music ; Christopher Hogwood, dir.
[2] Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), John Whitworth (counter-tenor)
[3] Kathleen Ferrier (alto)
[4] Hervey Alan (bass)
[5] Helen Watts (alto)
[6] English Chamber Orchestra - Benjamin Britten
[7] Heather Harper (soprano)
[8] Trevor Anthony (bass)
[9] Peter Hurford (organ)
[10]-[11] Choir of St John College, Cambridge - George Guest, choir master
[12] James Bowman (counter-tenor)
[13] Jennufer Vyvyan (soprano)
[14] English Chamber Orchestra - Benjamin Britten, dir.
[15] Janet Baker (mezzo-soprano)

Excerpts from (original):
Various recordings;
[2] L'Oiseau-Lyre OL 53 004 [LP, mono, 25cm] Purcell: Come, ye Sons of Art

Similar issues:
This release seems to be similar, but timing (75' 12" vs 78' 18"), to:
Decca 466 429 2 [CD] Les Chefs-d'oeuvre de Purcell

Recording site and date:
Various sites and dates;
Rel.: 1995

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