Medieval Ensemble of London

Complete Decca Recordings
The Medieval Ensemble of London
Decca 4854676 [CDx14]


  1. Perugia - Secular Works
  2. Dufay: Complete Secular Music (5 CDs)
  3. Ockeghem: Complete Secular Music (2 CDs)
  4. Ce Diabolic Chant
  5. Guillaume de Machaut - 2 Lays
  6. Mi verry joy
  7. Isaac: Chansons, Frottole & Lieder
  8. Josquin Desprez: Missa di dadi / Missa "Faisant regretz"
  9. Josquin Desprez: Complete 3-part Secular Music

Release date: 2023

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Todd M. McComb