A Musicall Banquet

A Musicall Banquet
Andreas Scholl et al.
Decca 466 917


  1. Anthony Holborne: My Heavy Sprite (countertenor, lute)
  2. John Dowland: Lady, if you so spite me (countertenor, lute)
  3. John Dowland: In darkness let me dwell (countertenor, lute)
  4. Anon.: O dear life, when shall it be (countertenor, lute, bass viol)
  5. Pierre Guedron (1570-1620): Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie (countertenor, harpsichord)
  6. Pierre Guedron: Si le parler et le silence (countertenor, lute)
  7. Richard Martin: Change my mind since she doth change (countertenor, bass viol (lyra viol) )
  8. Anon: Go, my flock, go get you hence (countertenor, orpharion)
  9. Domenico Maria Megli (fl. Early 17th cenrury): Si de farmi miore (countertenor, harpsichord)
  10. Giulio Caccini (c.1545-1618): Amarilli mia bella (countertenor, archlute)
  11. Anon.: Passava Amor su arco desarmado (countertenor, harpsichord, guitar)
  12. John Dowland: Far from triumphing court (countertenor, lute, bass viol)
  13. John Dowland: Sir Robert Sidney his Galliard (lute solo)
  14. Guillaume Tessier (fl. c.1582): In a grove most rich of shade (countertenor, lute)
  15. Pierre Guedron: Vous que le Bonheur rappelle (countertenor, lute)
  16. Anon.: Vuestros ojos tienen d'Amor (countertenor, guitar, bass viol)
  17. Anon.: Sta notte mi sognava (countertenor, harpsichord)
  18. Daniel Batchelar (b. c.1574, d. after 1610): To plead my faith (countertenor, lute)
  19. Robert Hales (d. before 1615): O eyes, leave off your weeping (countertenor, lute)
  20. Giulio Caccini: Dovro dunque morire? (countertenor, harpsichord)
  21. Anon.: O bella piu (countertenor, archlute)

Performers: Andreas Scholl (countertenor), Christophe Coin (bass viol), Markus Markl (harpsichord), Edin Karamazov (bass lute, tenor lute, archlute, guitar, orpharion)

Recording date: November, 1999

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