New York Pro Musica / Russell Oberlin: Music of Medieval Court and Countryside

Music of Medieval Court and Countryside (for the Christmas season)
New York Pro Musica - Noah Greenberg, dir.
Decca "Gold Label" DL 9400 [LP, mono]
Coral COCS 3704 [LP, France]


  1. Viderunt

  2. Anon.:
  3. .1 Ductia
    .2 Estampie

  4. Guillaume Dufay:
  5. Hostis Herodes
  6. Vergine bella
  7. Ave Regina

  8. Anon., England:
  9. There is no Rose

  10. Anon., Italy:
  11. Saltarello

  12. ----
    Anon., Spain:
  13. Riu, riu
  14. Dadme albricias

  15. Martin de Rivaflecha:
  16. Salve Regina

  17. Pierre Attaignant: Four dances
  18. .1 Pavane
    .2 Galliarde
    .3 Tourdion
    .4 Basse danse

  19. Anon., England:
  20. Te Deum

  21. Richard Smert:
  22. Nowell, Nowell

Playing time: ??' ??"

New York Pro Musica
Betty Wilson (soprano), Jean Hakes (soprano), Russell Oberlin (counter-tenor), Charles Bressler (tenor), Arthur Squires (tenor and tenor viol), Brayton Lewis (bass), Martha Blackman (bass viol), Bernard Krainis (recorders - sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor - bass), Paul Ehrlich (treble viol, rebec, tenor recorder), Paul Maynard (harpsichord), Meyer Slivka (drums, triangle, finger cymbals, tambourine, bell)
Noah Greenberg, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [04/1957];
Rel.: October 1957

Other releases (excerpts):
[2.2], [8] Decca DL 9438 [LP] Medieval Roots
[4] Horizon DL 34 541 [LP] Music for a Medieval Day - Music of the cloister, cathedral, court, marketplace, and countryside

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Information from owned recordings (Decca LP) and James Gollin (from his book "Pied Piper, the many lives of Noah Greenberg", Pendragon, 2001, p. 245).

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