Josquin Des Préz - Missa Pange Lingua

Josquin Des Préz: Missa Pange Lingua, motets and instrumental pieces
New York Pro Musica - Noah Greenberg, dir.
Decca "Gold Label" DL 9410 [LP, mono]
Decca "Gold Label" DL 7 9410 [LP, stereo]
Decca "Brunswick" AXTL 1095 [LP, mono]
Decca "Brunswick" SXA 4004 [LP, stereo]
MCA 2 507 [LP]


    Josquin Desprez:
  1. Fanfare for Louis XII
    Anon., Netherlands:
    Heth sold ein meisken

  2. Josquin Desprez:
  3. Fama malum
    Dulces exuviae
  4. La Bernardina
    Anon., Netherlands:
    Si j'ai perdu mon ami

  5. Josquin Desprez:
  6. Tu solus

  7. Josquin Desprez: Missa "Pange Lingua"
  8. Kyrie

  9. ----
  10. Credo
  11. Sanctus
  12. Agnus Dei

Playing time: 40' 22"

New York Pro Musica [Russell Oberlin (counter-tenor), Charles Bressler (tenor), Gordon Myers (baritone), Brayton Lewis (bass), William Bohn (counter-tenor), Paul Jordan (counter-tenor), Daniel Rice (counter-tenor), Peter Smith (counter-tenor), Robert White (counter-tenor), Jesse Farber (tenor), Charles Fassett (tenor), Arthur Squires (tenor), Edwin Snyder (tenor), Arthur Borrows (baritone), Alva Tripp (baritone), Daniel Caruso (bass), David Nott (bass), Richard Vogt (bass), Robert Montesi (treble cornetto), Melvin Kaplan (treble shawm), Morris Newman (alto shawm, tenor shawm), Arnold Fromme (alto trombone, tenor trombones), Gilbert Cohen (bass trombone), Kenneth Fricker (small string contrabass).

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1960 or prior];
Rel.: 1961

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