It Was A Lover And His Lass

It Was A Lover And His Lass
Music Of Shakespeares Time
New York Pro Musica - Noah Greenberg, dir.
Decca Gold Label Series DL 9421 [LP, mono]
Decca Gold Label Series DL 7 9421 [LP, stereo]
Brunswick AXA 4524 [LP, mono]
Brunswick SAXA 4524 [LP, stereo]
Coral COCS 3706 [LP, France]
MCA 2512 [LP]


    Thomas Morley
  1. It was a lover and his lass

  2. William Byrd
  3. Browning - Instruments
    John Dowland:
    Gryffith Galliard

  4. Thomas Weelkes:
  5. When David heard that Absolom was slain

  6. William Byrd:
  7. Susanna fair sometime assaulted was

  8. Michael East:
  9. When Israel came out of Egypt

  10. Martin Peerson
  11. Blow out the Trumpet

  12. Tobias Hume
  13. Death and Life (Pavane & Galliard)

  14. John Dowland
  15. Sorrow stay

  16. John Dowland
  17. Queen Elizabeth's Galliard
    Kemp's Jig

  18. John Bartlett
  19. Whither runneth my sweetheart
    John Wilbye
    Fantasia (instr.)
    Thomas Morley
    What saith my dainty darling

Playing time: ??' ??"

Performers: New York Pro Musica
Sheila Schonbrun (soprano), Elizabeth Humes (soprano), Earnest Murphy (counter-tenor), Ray DeVoll (tenor), Arthur Burrows (baritone), Brayton Lewis (bass), LaNoue Davenport (recorders, krummhorns, treble cornett), Shelly Gruskin (flutes, recorders, krummhorns, schryari), Judith Davidoff (bass viol), Paul Maynard, (harpsichord, portative organ, regal)] & (guest artist) James Tyler (lute)
Noah Greenberg, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1964 or prior];
Rel.: 06/64

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Information from LP (Decca. Coral) and from Donald Rice.

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