Monteverdi: L'Orfeo

Monteverdi: L'Orfeo (realization by August Wenzinger)
Staatliche Hochschule fur Musik di Amburgo - August Wenzinger
Archiv Produktion APM 14057-58 [2 LP]


  1. Claudio Monteverdi: L'Orfeo
  2. Claudio Monteverdi: L'Orfeo

Playing time: ??' ??"

Performers: Helmut Krebs; Hanni Mack-Cosack; Margot Guilleaume; supporting soloists - Choir of the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, Hamburg - Orchestra of the "Sommerliche Musiktage Hitzacker" - August Wenzinger, dir.

Recording site and date: Beethoven-Sal, Hanover [July 25-30, 1955]

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