Clérambault: Orphée - Médée
Yakar / Goebel / Hazelzet / Medlam / Curtis
Archiv 2533 442 (1 LP)


Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1676-1749):
- Orphée, cantata
- Médée, cantata

Playing time: 38'29

Performers: Raquel Yakar (soprano); Reinhard Goebel (violin); Wilbert Hazelzet (flute); Charles Medlam (viola da gamba); Alan Curtis (harpsichord).

Recording date: 5/1979.

Comments: Reissued in the "Collectio Argentea" edition (Archiv 437 085-2 A T (1 CD)), together with two Clérambault harpsichord suites, played by Kenneth Gilbert.

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