French Concerts

French Concerts
Musica Antiqua Köln - Reinhard Goebel
Archiv 2534 010 (LP Digital)


Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1689-1755):
- Concerto in D major, op. 26 n. 6 (cello, violin I/II; b.c.)
Michel Corrette (1709-1795):
- "Les Sauvages et La Furstenberg", Concert comique n. 25 in G minor (violinI/II, flute, viola; b.c.)
Michel Blavet (1700-1768):
- Concerto a 4 parties, in A minor (flute, violin I/II; b.c.)
Jean Baptiste Quentin (le jeune) (before 1718-c. 1750):
- Concerto in A major, op. 12 n. 1 (solo violin; violin, viola; b.c.)
Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin (c. 1690-1768):
- Concerto a 5 in E minor (flute, violin I/II, viola; b.c.)

Playing time: 54'58

Performers: Wilbert Hazelzet (flute); Reinhard Goebel, Hajo Bäß (violin); Jaap ter Linden (cello); Karlheinz Steeb (viola); Jean-Michel Forest (violone); Henk Bouman (harpsichord).

Recording date: 6/1982.

Comments: Reissued as a mid-price in "Archiv Masters" series as "French Baroque Concertos" (Archiv 447 286-2 A MA (1 CD)), with the addition of Quentin's "Sonate à quatre parties" from the Conversation Galante LP.

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